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Castor oil packs for the ultimate detox!

Castor oil has been used in old traditions for centuries and there’s no wonder why!

When I had PCOS and hormonal issues, this was my best friend (along with good nutrition and movement of course, you're not going to eat a fatty burger and down mimosas, slap on the castor oil pack and expect it to work miracles)

There are certain key functions of the body that need to be working well in order to heal and constantly replenish like:

  • Sleep and relaxation 
  • Efficient gut function 
  • High absorption of antioxidants and toxin elimination process 
  • Reduced inflammation and optimal immune system 

No matter what stage of health you are in, everyone needs these foundations to work efficiently and this is where castor oils helps!

Not only this, but they indirectly help balance hormones and the nervous system, aiding those pathways to be more effective. 

For those with endometriosis, PCOS, and thyroid issues, constipation and bloating, you want to make this your healing friend.

How to use it?

Pour 1-2 tablespoons of oil in the middle of the cloth and wrap it around the targeted area. You can secure it with safety pins or an elastic band to keep it in place. If you are worried about it seeping through, wear an old t-shirt.

The most common placement of the castor oil pack is on the liver, underneath the right ribcage. This area covers many of the digestive organs, including the stomach, the pancreas, the small intestine, large intestine, adrenals, and kidneys. This also includes the omentum (fat adipose tissue layer) and all the many lymph nodes located in this area.

You can also use it for:

  • Period pains/ ovarian cysts/ fibroids by placing it on the lower abdomen 
  • Place it on the hip or specific places where there is joint pain
  • Around the neck where the thyroid sits for those with thyroid issues

I would still recommend placing it on your liver, but on alternating days it could be placed on targeted areas.

How often should you wear it?

This should be worn daily because it is addressing the foundation functions of health, and we want to keep the function of your body working optimally.

So you could:

  • Wear it for 1 hour when it’s convent for you 
  • But I suggest wearing it overnight, use it in your night time rituals

It’s no different than making sure to eat, drink water and sleep every day. Castor oil packs optimize and enhance the basics to being your best.

Things to bare in mind:

  1. Make sure the oil is organic, cold pressed and hexane-free
  2. It should always be in a dark glass bottle
  3. The cloth used should be unbleached organic cotton if you have access to it


Do not use Castor Oil Packs or Castor Oil while pregnant. It is unknown but it could possibly cause movement of the smooth muscle of the uterus.

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