Thei Udayan

Co-Founder @ Grow With the Flow Coach
Ladies are you tracking your menstrual cycle?

Like properly tracking the 3 different phases (follicular, ovulation, luteal phase) and not just when you’re getting your next period?⁣

The period cycle tells us so much about female health, it’s our monthly report card. ⁣

Did you know females make hormones during ovulation, unlike men who make testosterone every day. So when you’re not ovulating, your body doesn’t get get the vital hormones that it needs.⁣

For example you may feel a dip in immunity towards the second phase of your luteal phase as its prepping your body for the “stress” of the next phase aka the menstruating phase. This is usually where one gets sick, yeast infections/thrush, etc. 40% of your immune system also goes towards an healthy ovulation! Another reason to CONSTANTLY keep that immune high at all times.⁣

So you could be bleeding but actually NOT ovulating. This is called anovulatory cycle or a pill-bleed (for those who are on contraceptive) ⁣

If there’s no ovulation, then there’s no luteal phase or progesterone and that can result in a period that’s too heavy, goes on for too long, a weak uterus that can’t house a baby, and a hormonal imbalance as your system is not producing natural hormones for your entire body, which can then lead to other health issues.⁣

Think of your natural period( not pill induced) as a monthly deposit into your long term health bank. How lucky are we as women to have this natural health check each month!⁣

Ok love you bye.

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