Thei Udayan

Co-Founder @ Grow With the Flow Coach
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The body and mind don’t like to be in a restricted food state.⁣

It took me a long time to understand this. I can’t begin to tell you how many diets I had followed and how many left me even more frustrated after short term wins. There is a reason why diets don’t work. There is a reason why it’s a lifestyle. ⁣

Once I understood how the body works, what it needs, everything changed.⁣

Physically restricting your food intake has a cascade of hormonal effects that basically make it harder for your body to release fat and easier to hold onto it over time, especially with repeated cycles of weight loss and gain. Your body is basically stressed. ⁣

This is not even touching on the psychological aspects. Gosh I remember having so much anxiety when it came to foods on the “no” list, eating out, completely binging on the weekends because I had restricted myself so much during the week.⁣

The mental aspect is very underestimated when it comes to food.⁣

This is not your cue to go eat all the poopy foods now, don’t be a silly sausage #commonsense. ⁣

Fill that plate up with all the nutrient goodness and then… have the damn donut from time to time for your mental health!⁣

It’s what you do 80% of the time, that 20% is NOT going to be detrimental. ⁣

Don’t be a calorie restricter, be a nutrient seeker. ⁣

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