Thei Udayan

Co-Founder @ Grow With the Flow Coach
When you focus on nourishing yourself, you lose fat as a side effect. When you focus on fat loss, you lose nourishing yo

I want this to soak in... 

The most common complaints i hear from women is “I need to lose weight”. 

My first question is: What got you here?

When we understand that, we can create healthy habits to prevent this from happening again and for the issue to not be reoccurring in your life over nad over again.

Short term fixes don’t work because of this exact reason. We tend to fall back on old habits and then BOOM, we are back at square one again.

We are constantly bombarded with the perfect body, how you should look and feel. 

But what happens is we lose the connection with our own bodies trying to chase something else.

When you switch your focus to nourishing yourself, getting your body efficient at thriving, trust me, fat loss is the just the cherry on top. 

Ok love you bye.

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