Thei Udayan

Co-Founder @ Grow With the Flow Coach
Women are cyclical creatures

Women are naturally cyclical beings (unlike men whose hormones stay pretty static throughout).⁣

What does this mean?⁣

Women go through 4 distinct phases throughout the month:⁣

* Follicular⁣

* Ovulatory⁣

* Luteal⁣

* Menstrual⁣

The menstrual phase has taken the spotlight, and this is where female health has taken a back step unfortunately. The 3 previous phases are just as important, it's an accumulation not an isolated process of events.⁣

During each phase certain hormones rise and fall which is why its such a game-changer when you tune into your cycle and body and know how to support these fluctuations through food, lifestyle and exercise.⁣

Whether you're struggling with endocrine/hormonal issues/imbalances or you just want to feel your absolute best, working with your cycle is such a beautiful way to actually achieve what your body is capable of.⁣

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