1:1 Menstrual Cycle & Health Coaching

I am going to guide and educate you about your body so that you can become your own healer and navigate yourself through this confusing world of women's health.

We are here to guide you

Feel like you just need that one person to guide you through your health journey, be your biggest cheerleader on those days you feel down and be your accountability partner keeping you on track?

Understand your natural blueprint

Track your menstrual cycle, understand your body, eat and exercise according to your cycle

Increase your chances of getting pregnant

Improve your reproductive health, track fertility signs and monitor any potential issues that may arise

Love your body again

By focusing on each phase of the cycle when it comes to nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, get to loving yourself again

Manage and tackle persisting health conditions

Treat chronic health conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, or thyroid issues

Well this what your GWF coach will be for you. I know that changing a lifestyle and starting the healing journey can be exciting but at the same time intimidating and overwhelming. We are here for you from the beginning, encouraging and cheering you on to be your best self!

Grow With the Flow coach will help you to live and thrive according to your cycle

Daily Coaching & Accountability

Life can get busy, we get it! Which is why your GWF Coach will guide & support you every step of the way daily. You're never alone.

A Personalised & Sustainable Program

This isn't a one-size-fits-all program. Based on the initial call, your plan will be tailored to your goals, your preferences, and your lifestyle. Let's face it, if you don't like it, you're not going to do it.

Mindset, Psychology & Habits

We know that the mind is one of the most powerful parts of the process. Let's create a mindset and habits that work for you and not against you.

Achieve Your Goals

We are committed to your success and we want to see the powerhouse you are capable of being! Set and achieve your goals, such as learning about the cycle, reducing hormonal imbalances, optimizing sleep and gut health, reducing stress, weight loss, etc.

Exercise Types That Fit Your Cycle 

Your GWF Coach will recommend the style of exercises based on the phase of your cycle and your preferences. Don't worry. You'll only do things you enjoy.

Personalised Nutrition Advice

Everyone is different, so we will advise you on foods & recipes and provide you with a meal plan that will fit you, your lifestyle and different phases of your cycle!

Join a personalised lifelong health & wellness program for females

Your GWF Coach

A personal Grow With the Flow coach who will guide, educate and keep you accountable through each phase of your cycle.

Initial Call

45 min. call with your coach to understand your personal needs.

Daily Check-Ins

Daily reminders and feedback from your coach about your nutrition and lifestyle.

Your days will include reflections, personalised advice, feedback and progress conversations

Morning Message

  • Habit building reflection
  • Information on each phase of your cycle
  • Nutrition & fitness advice

Feedback From Your Coach

  • Feedback based on your results, actions and feeling
  • Questions and answers

Share Your Daily Progress

  • Your meal photos
  • Share your meal plan updates
  • Share your workout results
  • Share how you feel

* Your GWF Coach will send you daily messages in the morning and give you feedback immediately. If you respond to your GWF Coach later in the day, your GWF Coach will do her best to respond during the same day. However, we highly recommend setting the intention for the day first thing in the morning.

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Meet your coach Thei Udayan

Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist 🌿⁣
I have personal experience with PCOS, hormonal imbalances, and the weight fluctuations that come with it.
I know how frustrating and downright depressing it can be with all the misinformation, being incorrectly diagnosed and just no one paying attention to YOUR specific case.
I want to help you fix the root cause of your issue and not just treat the symptoms.

I’ve been through it myself, the yo-yo dieting, trying every fad diet there is, negativity towards food, guilt when it came to eating the “wrong foods”. I can list so much more, but the main point is, I know the frustration and sadness that comes to finding the right nutrition for you.

I want you to fall in love with food, to look at foods as healing and nourishing, to realize the true magic that food has.

When I fell sick and switched my mindset towards food, there was no going back, the foundation had been laid.

Ready to join? Schedule a free discovery call.

Don't take our word for it... people love Grow With the Flow

"I was introduced to Thei Udayan a couple of years ago. I thought my general health was ok, but I was constantly dealing with brain fog and also being tired- which I felt was just normal because I had a stressful job. After having an in-depth discussion, she was able to pull out a couple of deficiencies and really educated me on the true purpose of food and understanding my body rhythms. Her coaching sessions really gave me a plan that I could integrate on a daily basis and actually finally see results.

Another issues that I really did not want to face but was becoming a day to day reality- it was the inconsistency of my period and mid month bleeding. It started off gradually, but eventually snowballed into me adapting my lifestyle to being prepare for random bleeds through the month. Also, even impacting if I could wear a dress and avoiding white at all cost.

Through the coaching sessions, I have been able to get my periods into a regular cycle, no mid-moth bleeding- and I wear white all the time!!!! I also had really bad periods pains, in which I would be popping painkillers all day through my period. Now, I am a bit uncomfortable on the first day but the pain has reduced by 70%.

Everything that Thei has taught me, was never taught at school and I have never had a professional doctor want to address these issues- the only solution was to put me onto the pill. I would highly recommend Thei as a coach to teenage girls all the way through to older ladies."

~ Angela

"I was suffering from PCOS for the past 5 years and I have seen multiple doctors but no one seemed to want to actually fix the root cause. After 5 years of being a gienue pig, I decided to do my own research and came across Grow with the flow coach- Thei and this has changed my life.

I opted for the 6 month subscription because I really wanted to change my habits and integrate all the information that I got from my coach- for the long term. Having a coach and also REAL information that impacted me from day one. Taking control of my health has really shown me what optimal health looks and feels like.

I would recommend this service to anyone! It has been an amazing experience and I will keep with this service because it is impacting my menstrual health but also my mental and physical health. The benefits of endless!"

~ Karen Leahy

"Since the age of 14 I have always had really painful periods, bad acne and also heavy flow. My mom did what any concerned mom would do and we went off to the doctor. The doctor suggested putting me on the pill, which all my friends were on, so I was happy. Over the course of 10 years, I just accepted the daily routine of taking that pill. A couple of times I decided to take a break and my skin flared up and I just went straight back on.

What I have learnt, is looking at my diet and the link between my hormones was 100% the issue. The pill was really not the answer. It has taken me a year to really sort out my eating habits, gut health and menstrual cycle. It took a year because I had surpassed the underlaying issues for over 15 years. So, my body needed time and consistency to really health.

The impact on my overall health and menstrual cycle has been unbelievable. Thei is so passionate about what she does, she caters each session and plan to each individual client. She is results focused and also understands the importance of getting this information out to people who need it. This service is not just for people who ‘have issues’ but for everyone, because we are not taught that we need know at school."

~ Sarah Moore