Thei Udayan

Co-Founder @ Grow With the Flow Coach
Eating for fertility?

Eating for fertility, is eating for overall health!⁣

I find it fascinating how much of an impact nutrition plays in the health of our bodies, menstrual cycles, fertility & beyond!⁣

There is a reason why more & more doctors are actually tapping into this.⁣

Not only for natural conception, but for those thinking about going though IVF, nutrition is your bestie to get some healthy viable eggs & sperm!⁣

The life stages of eggs/sperm take around 90 days, so if you are consistent with your nutrition/lifestyle you can me a huge turn-around. The word here being CONSISTENT. ⁣

So if you are thinking of starting a family, I usually suggest my clients to do a 3 month prenatal fertility nutrition head start & then go for it, especially for my IFV and IUI clients. Obvs this isn’t only for 3 months, its a lifestyle that you would adapt going into pregnancy & postpartum to ensure you’re giving you & your little munchkin the best. ⁣

So what foods are we talking about? Firstly we want as many nutrients dense, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory foods possible. If your body is inflamed you don’t give it much space to “work” with. ⁣

You want to ensure you’re eating for your mitochondria (energy powerhouses of your body), because they play a massive role in ovulation sperm quality, quantity and motility!⁣

So what foods encompass all of this… WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED.⁣

One of the biggest studies (The Nurse Study PMID: 15864280) to ever take place back in 1976 followed & documented various female nurses & some of the proven concepts for female health/reproductive health was that by replacing a FEW animal protein sources for plant-based ones showed massive improvements in fertility & overall health. So now imagine you replace the majority of those sources with plant based options 🤯⁣

Now do you have to be plant-based to have a healthy pregnancy? Nope. But would you be contributing to your overall health & success rates if you did, quite possibly.⁣

Everyone is different & requires different needs, this is why I work 1:1 with women when it comes to fertility so we can get the best outcomes for them!⁣

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