Thei Udayan

Co-Founder @ Grow With the Flow Coach
Everyone women with PCOS should do this!

`Track your cycle!⁣

This was my foundational tool when I started on the PCOS healing journey and what I use to help my clients! Not understanding this is going to make this process way longer than it needs to be!⁣

Listen up, because this is a game-changer! Understanding your cycle isn't just about tracking periods i.e. begin & end of your cycle. It's about the wisdom your body gives you through each of the 4 phases!⁣

Why does it matter? Your menstrual cycle is like a secret language, whispering messages about your hormones & overall well-being. By tuning in, you can decode these messages & uncover the hidden patterns of PCOS.⁣

You gain insight into hormonal imbalances that often accompany PCOS. It's like discovering the puzzle pieces that unlock the bigger picture of your health.⁣

Irregular periods, skipped cycles, or unusually long stretches, blood color, blood clots, bleeding for a bit too many days, pain, fatigue etc—they all hold valuable clues.⁣

Embracing your cycle also means embracing your ovulation, the star of the show! You don’t ovulate, you don’t make hormones or you make more of the ones that put us in an imbalance (hello testosterone) ⁣

Ovulation isn't just about fertility; it’s about health!⁣

The magical part: tracking your symptoms alongside your cycle paints a vivid picture of how PCOS shows up in your unique journey as every single person is different. It's like having a personal diary of your body's experiences. This self-awareness empowers you to advocate for yourself, communicate your needs to healthcare professionals, & get a more detailed treatment plan with a specialized nutritionist.⁣

Note: You can NOT REVERSE PCOS, anyone who tells you this, please run away very fast. You can reduce it to the bare minimum where it is so dormant in your body that it doesn't recognise it anymore. But if you go back to your “old lifestyle”, you're just going to reactivate it again.⁣

PCOS is not a life sentence, there is so much you can do with nutrition and lifestyle to keep this dormant, let me show you😊⁣


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