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Co-Founder @ Grow With the Flow Coach
How nutrition can improve you fertility and life!

Nutrition is a POWERFUL, don’t underestimate it! ⁣

I remember leaving the doctors office feeling absolutely defeated after being told I had PCOS and my infertility rate was 92%, not exactly what you want to hear at the age of 24, or ever really!⁣

No further support/discussion, just medication to “deal” with it and the in-house dietician just gave me the typical cookie cutter diet of low carbs, high protein and fat, thanks 👍⁣

I went on a crazy research rampage for months just to get some answers, trust me it was not a smooth ride.⁣

I made the decision to study nutrition (a far leap from finance) and how the body works so I can figure out a way of healing myself because I was getting frustrated with the contradicting information. I used this along with adapting lifestyle factors and cleaning out my home environment (bye bye harsh and conventional skincare/home cleaning products).⁣

A few months later I finally got my period back(after being irregular for a year and completely missing for 6 months), my AMH levels were up again, my insulin markers improved. A year later my PCOS was now in remission. ⁣

So my advice to you if you are feeling frustrated and disheartened, is that you need to do EVERYTHING within your control to ensure you are optimising your health from within and your nutrition is the number 1 thing that makes the biggest difference!⁣

Here are just some ways nutrition and lifestyle changes can help your health/fertility journey:⁣

- Support regular ovulation⁣

- Improve egg quality⁣

- Boost sperm quality (men don’t think you have no work to do when it comes to fertility!)⁣

- Reduce inflammation⁣

- Improve implantation⁣

- Support your thyroid/gut/liver/blood sugar levels⁣


- Movement/working out ⁣

If there is one thing I never let my clients forget is that you have everything in you for vitality, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!⁣

Give your body the right tools and let it do its magic!⁣


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