Thei Udayan

Co-Founder @ Grow With the Flow Coach
Optimizing fertility, is optimizing health!

When most think of menstrual cycles, the common narrative is, to avoid pregnancy or to get pregnant. ⁣

But this is so far from the truth and this needs to change. ⁣

For women, a healthy menstrual cycle and fertility is a sign of OVERALL body health.⁣

If things are off with either one of the two your body gives you clear signs like:⁣

- PMS⁣

- Painful periods ⁣

- Hormonal acne ⁣

- Infertility ⁣

- Endocrine issues ⁣

- Fibroids ⁣

- Cysts ⁣

- Period migraines/headaches ⁣

- Gut and thyroid issues ⁣

- Heavy flows ⁣

- Multiple and big blood clots ⁣

If your body is not functioning optimally, it won’t see fertility or a period as being vital, so it will start shutting those functions down to “protect” the body and only keep the absolute vital functions running. ⁣

You don’t want to just survive, you want to thrive! ⁣

So next time you think your menstrual cycle is only for fertility, think twice, it’s just a part of all the amazing things it does for us. ⁣

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