Thei Udayan

Co-Founder @ Grow With the Flow Coach
Something I hear too often

Track Your Cycle, Unleash Your Power! 🌟⁣

The amount of times I hear this from clients once they start learning about the different phases and how it impacts their life and health, I mean it’s something I really wish I had learned earlier in life too; but it’s never too late!⁣

Did you know that keeping tabs on your menstrual cycle holds incredible insights into your health? ⁣

It's time to dive into the magical world of tracking each phase and discover the secrets it unveils!⁣

🌟 Get to Know Your Body:⁣

Your menstrual cycle isn't just about tracking your red days . It's a window into your well-being! Tracking allows you to monitor patterns, detect irregularities, and take charge of your health like a fierce goddess! ⁣

Master Your Hormones:⁣

Ever wondered why mood swings hit you like a hurricane? Tracking your cycle helps decode those hormonal mysteries, empowering you to plan assess your lifestyle and nutrition. ⁣

🌸 Balance Is Key:⁣

Your cycle is a symphony of hormones, and tracking helps you find harmony within. Discover when you're most energized, creative, or in need of self-care, all which helps you align!⁣

❤️ Love Your Lady Parts:⁣

Tracking helps identify potential issues that might affect your reproductive health. It's like having a superpower to catch red flags early on and take proactive steps towards maintaining a healthy temple!⁣

🧠 Embrace the Knowledge:⁣

By tracking, you embrace the gift of knowledge and empower yourself to make informed decisions. Whether it's family planning or understanding your unique body, tracking is the compass guiding you toward a life of self-awareness and empowerment! ⁣

So, ladies, let's celebrate our cycles, honor our bodies, and embark on a journey of self-discovery! ⁣

Remember, knowledge is power, and your menstrual cycle holds the key to unlocking your health and well-being!⁣

The menstrual cycle is a time of cleansing - an emotional and physical detox - that releases stress and tension from your being allowing you to properly rest and repair.This is NATURALLY built in us!⁣


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