Thei Udayan

Co-Founder @ Grow With the Flow Coach
You have the power to make your body work for you!

You have everything in you to make this work…⁣

You just have to believe it. ⁣

As women we are predisposed to ridiculous trends and diets which just wedges a toxic gap in between the connection to our bodies.⁣

What if I told you that you were born with a natural blueprint that will give you insight and signals into your health every month?⁣

Well you do and it’s your menstrual cycle! ⁣

You don’t have to look any further than yourself for recommendations for when to slow down, what to eat, types of exercises, stress relief etc, during each phase your body guides you. ⁣

And if something is off, trust me it will tell you. ⁣

Learning about the 5 phases and what to do in each one will not only bring your being to efficiency, but never have to doubt yourself again!⁣

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